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Wallem: Delivering maritime solutions


Hong Kong: The Wallem Group is actively trying to get the market to notice it is far more than just a shipmanager. With a new website and a new tagline: delivering maritime solutions, 110-year-old Wallem can genuinely claim to be one of the most diverse marine firms in the world. There’s its agency business, shipbroking, business process outsourcing and even a nascent forwarding enterprise that has just started up in Japan.

Group managing director Simon Doughty tells Maritime CEO: “Much of the marketplace views us too narrowly as just shipmanagers. We are a maritime solutions company.” Likewise, Doughty reckons Wallem’s geographic footprint is not known widely enough. The company has offices in 22 countries around the world.

“Really all these services we offer differentiate us from the competition,” Doughty says. He maintains those, like Wallem, in the services industry need to strengthen their offerings for when the downturn ends. 

With 1,000 shore-based staff and 7,000 seafarers, and some 416 ships under management Wallem is one of Hong Kong’s largest maritime companies. 

Doughty is seeing plenty more business coming from Europe, a trend he expects to continue. “It’s time for owners in Europe to look at their whole businesses,” he says, “and make efficiencies by outsourcing.”

Doughty, a 20-plus-year maritime professional, has been with Wallem since 2005, initially as the managing director for Wallem Ship Agencies. In 2011 he was appointed to the position of group managing director. [03/04/13]


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