What is the most important characteristic of a successful shipping magnate?

A rich dad was one snarky reply to the question posed above, one of the more left-field topics raised in the latest MarPoll carried on this site.

The quarterly survey closes at the end of this month and has thus far received more than 500 votes with Splash readers tackling diverse issues such as the IMO 2020 cost implications, carrier digitalisation and human rights at sea.

According to the votes cast at the moment, a successful shipping mogul needs vision above all else. The second most important characteristic in the ongoing poll is technical ability.

“If a decision is made today which carries on for the next 25 years the manager needs vision, but he also needs a lot of luck to have the vision materialise,” one reader commented.

Results of the survey will be published in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine. Voting takes as little as two minutes to complete and there is no registration. To vote, click here.


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