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When will shipping volumes return to 2019 levels?

When – if at all – will shipping volumes return to 2019 levels for the container, dry bulk and tanker trades? These questions form one part of a new MarPoll on the site. 

Clarksons Research’s latest projections – published this week – suggest global seatrade volumes will drop 5.6% this year. The more than 1bn tonnes in lost trade thanks to the coronavirus pandemic is the biggest fall Clarksons has recorded for more than 35 years.

Readers with a couple of minutes to spare are asked to deliberate on a variety of topical themes in our latest shipping survey. 

Among other topics covered we look at who is most to blame for the crew change crisis, the rise of webinars, the fall of shipping exhibitions, and how you define the term decarbonisation, the latter question crafted by Eco Marine Power’s Greg Atkinson, following a recent article he penned for Splash on the murky issue of decarbonisation in shipping.

Voting takes just two minutes and there is no registration. Full results will be carried in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine. Results from the last MarPoll are carried below.

To vote, click here.  

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