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Wisdom eyes 100 ships

Taipei: Before it turns 15-years old Taiwan’s Wisdom Marine is on course to have a fleet of 100 ships. The fleet currently stands at around 80 vessels equating to 2.59m dwt. President Chun-Sheng Cheng told SinoShip News: “In around two or three years, our fleet will reach 100 ships, which is an important marker for our fleet development.”
Cheng also had time to tell readers of the reasons for the current downturn in bulk shipping. 
“Overinvestment and market players of different quality are big reasons for this wave of depression, so we must eliminate speculators through market mechanisms and chase the ship operators and shipyards who are only after short term benefits out of the market,” Cheng suggested.  
Founded in 1999 and listed in Taipei in 2010 Wisdom is now one of Taiwan’s largest bulker operators.  [16/08/12]

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