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Workers at Jiangzhou yard unpaid for nearly a year

Shanghai: Jiangxi Jiangzhou Union Shipbuilding, an affiliated shipyard of Hong Kong-listed China Ocean Shipbuilding Industry Group, hasn’t paid salaries to employees for almost a year, Jiangxi local media reported.

Staff at the shipyard said some 700 employees had not been paid for the past 11 months.

Wang Sanlong, general manager of Jiangzhou Union Shipbuilding, admitted that the shipyard has some salary arrears, as the shipyard is facing financial difficulties.

China Ocean Shipbuilding Industry Group announced this week that it intended to team up with Jiangxi Jianglian Heavy Industries to build LNG related infrastructure including ships, containment systems, LNG fuelling stations and LNG bunker barges, and the cooperation will be conducted through Jiangzhou Union Shipbuilding.

“We are looking for help from the local government, hopefully we can sort this out in the coming months,” Wang said. [30/10/14]

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