WWL moves into Myanmar car logistics sector

Bangkok: Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL) has entered into a joint venture with Myanmar-based Carrier King Logistics, becoming the first independent company in the country to provide modern automobile distribution from port to consumer.

“Myanmar traditionally had a very limited automobile market, and still today the majority of cars sold in Myanmar are second-hand vehicles imported from Japan. They arrive at the ports and are then ‘jockey driven’ by individual drivers from the ports to wherever they are sold—or owners or dealers come to the port themselves to pick up the vehicles. As new cars are starting to enter the country, a professional and safe transport solution is clearly needed”, explained Trond Tonjum, head of WWL South East Asia.  

In the beginning, WWL will concentrate on vehicle transhipment and inland services from Yangon port into the city.
The new joint venture will provide new car-carrying trucks and trailers. [09/08/14]

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