Yangpu port further opens up

Guangzhou: Yangpu port of Hainan has passed the acceptance of the  National Port Administration Office on Thursday; its open water area has been expanded by 55 square kilometers, and becomes the largest import and export port in the South China Sea.

“Opening up Yangpu port is very important and supportive to Yangpu and Hainan’s economy, all the pillar industries in Hainan including tourism, logistics, and petrochemical industry, all relies on port. Yangpu Economic Zone also has been an important base for China’s offshore oil and gas exploitation strategy and energy reserve strategy, we are also making new strategies for further expansion,” an official from Yangpu port told SinoShip News.

 There are 23 large projects including petrochemical projects and oil reserve projects which have opened on the island in recent years with a total investment of RMB93.1bn.

Currently Yangpu port has 25 berths and has opened 15 international shipping lines to Singapore, Vietnam and the Middle East.  [12/10/12]

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