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Yard Intel: Shipbuilding monitor seeks investors

Oslo: A new Norwegian shipyard monitor has been launched. Yard Intel has been founded by Sasan Mameghani, whose background is as a market analyst.

On why Yard Intel was founded, Mameghani says, “I realised that the market was missing a provider of not only the necessary information, but also the processing of it. The task of researching and analysing the information was complex and time consuming.”

Yard Intel processes information from several providers as well as conducting its own research to add additional information.

Yard Intel provides building schedules, launching facilities and fleet overviews, covering almost 700 shipyards from some 80 countries, more than 1,000 shipowners and several ship designers.

“Our ambition is to make the best and most relevant information easily available for everyone,” Mameghani says, adding: “We are looking for investors with ambitions, who can see the potential of making Yard Intel the next ‘must-have’ in the maritime industry.”

Clients appear to be especially interested in the Chinese shipbuilding market at the moment, and particularly the white list published by Beijing. As a result, Yard Intel will shortly be publishing a report covering the issue, giving the user a comprehensive overview of each of the 59 yards on the white list.



  1. Sam, we do not consider ourselves competitors of the companies you mention. After all, we are targeting a new audience. Yard Intel focuses on user friendliness, hence our slogan “Making insight simple”. We believe that there is a large group not using any of the options currently available, but still need access to a form of market information.

    We talked to a whole bunch of companies and industry professionals already back in concept stage, and we identified several important requirements and demands our target audience needs fulfilled if they are ever to use a tool like Yard Intel. We are still continuously improving based on this feedback, and we are eager to improve things even further going ahead.

    The feedback we have been receiving the last days confirms that we are on the right track. We have companies ranging from SME to multinational corporations saying they have been waiting for something like Yard Intel, something they can actually see themselves using. Some are already clients of the mentioned companies, and they see Yard Intel as a valuable add on covering the needs of certain departments in their organization. Please note that we have not had any clients considering switching from their current supplier to using Yard Intel only. Neither has this ever been our ambition.

    I hope this clarifies any misunderstandings.

  2. Hi Sasan — i think you have identified a nice niche and look forward to seeing your product develop. Am sure also if you wanted to put a data widget here on Splash we’d very gladly accept it.

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