Your chance to vote on shipping’s top issues

Your chance to vote on shipping’s top issues

Singapore: Today sees the launch of the latest MarPoll, a regular survey carried on this site for Maritime CEO magazine.

Every issue of Maritime CEO magazine we ask readers pertinent, topical questions. As well as voting on the nine questions, readers can also leave comments, something we value highly.

The results will be carried in the next issue of Maritime CEO magazine, due out in time for NorShipping in early June. The June issue of the magazine will also carry our second annual Rich List, a look at the top 50 shipping lines by fleet value, a survey carried out in association with

Results from our last MarPoll can be accessed by clicking here.

The diverse range of topics carried this time around include broadband access at sea, the IMO’s willingness to protect seafarers, the state of the markets, the threat of permanent overcapacity at shipyards, India as ‘the next China’ and the realities of pooling ships.

Voting takes less than two minutes and there is no need for registration. Voting can be done by clicking here.

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