LNG carriers could rejuvenate US shipbuilding

LNG carriers could rejuvenate US shipbuilding

San Francisco: The US shipbuilding industry could receive a major shot in the arm if it gets ahead of the curve in the provision of LNG carriers, said a US Congressman speaking in Oakland, California.

Democrat John Garamendi told the Bay Planning Coalition’s 2015 Decision Makers Conference that the growing popularity of the more green-friendly LNG as a fuel of choice represented a great opportunity for American builders to be the ones providing the vessels in which it is transported.

If the moment is seized it could mean thousands of jobs in shipbuilding Garamendi said.

“When we export LNG, we need to make sure that the export of this natural asset is being conducted by American sailors on American ships. In doing so, we will revitalise America’s shipbuilding industry in a big way,” said Garamendi, whose shipping bona fides come from his role as ranking member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure’s subcommittee on the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation.

Acknowledging America’s long history of innovation and leadership in the field he added: “We have an opportunity to make sure that a very significant part of the American economy has an opportunity to blossom and grow – not just the shipyards – but the entire supply chain: electronics, engines, and more.”

Garamendi represents California’s third district, which includes Sacramento.

Donal Scully

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