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CargoSmart: Trio of new products

Hong Kong: CargoSmart, the shipment management software solutions provider that leverages big data for greater visibility and benchmarking, has three new ways for shippers and logistics service providers to improve their shipment planning. The solutions include a new version of its private label sailing schedules, a new daily report to monitor sailing schedule changes, and an expanded sailing schedules mobile app that now allows unrestricted schedule search.
Over the last three months, 20 ocean carriers’ schedules collectively had nearly 22.5m sailing schedule changes, underscoring the challenges of shipment planning, according to CargoSmart’s ceo, Steve Siu. The latest solutions allow customers to improve import and export shipment management with up-to-date vessel schedule information and historical schedule reliability insight.
Using automated software, CargoSmart analyses global vessel operations as well as ocean carriers’ published schedules to continuously improve the completeness, accuracy, and timeliness of sailing schedule data. CargoSmart monitors factors that can impact vessel schedules such as route deviations, port operations, weather, and vessel speeds to verify schedules with carriers and deliver high-quality sailing schedule data.
“We track more than 5,000 vessels of 1,000 teu and up. We track them every 15 minutes,” says Siu, adding that what the 14-year-old firm has set out to do with its latest innovations is “to look beyond the data on the surface”. [16/10/14]

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