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Egypt on alert for Suez strikes as Morsi trial starts

Cairo: Emergency security procedures have been brought in at Egyptian ports and along the Suez Canal today as authorities fear that supporters of ousted president Mohamed Morsi (pictured) might try an attack on key transport infrastructure on the first day of the trial against the Muslim Brotherhood head. Morsi was kicked out of power by the military on July 3.

A senior security source told Asharq Al-Awsat that the “military and police have deployed forces along the 160-kilometer Suez Canal waterway and tightened inspection procedures over the roads next to it, as well as on the cars going to and from Suez via Sinai or Cairo, to prevent the smuggling arms and capture any terrorists or outlawed elements.”

Meanwhile, GulfShip News can reveal that the Red Sea Ports Authority has announced a state of emergency due to the trial of Morsi.

Major General Hasan Falah, head of the Red Sea Ports Authority, decided to raise the degree of security readiness to extreme levels, as well as to stop granting any leave permits to workers in the Red Sea ports provinces of Suez, South Sinai and the Red Sea.  [04/11/13]

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