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Jeddah port’s problems analysed

Doha: A severe lack of coordination between different parts of the supply chain in Jeddah is one of the main reasons for the incredible delays hampering operations at Saudi Arabia’s congested premier port of Jeddah, according to a member of the National Commission for Tranport, Saeed Bin Daajim. A lack of a clear system between shipper, agent and carrier was leading boxes to spend up to 13 days to get out of the port, he said.

Meanwhile, the vice-chairman of the Customs clearance committee Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui said during the Jeddah Economic Forum that the congestion at the port is because of a lack of coordination among regulators.

Another problem facing the port, according to Bin Daajim, was the incredibly cheap rental rates for empty containers at the port, which was leading to a vast amount of empty boxes being snapped up on the cheap but lying redundant in the port taking up valuable space.  [29/07/13]

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