LPG carrier explodes off Malaysia, two dead

Kuala Lumpur: An explosion occurred onboard a South Korean LPG carrier off Malaysia's Terengganu coast on Wednesday, resulting in two crew members killed and another two injured.

The Korea Line-owned VLGC DL Calla (78,478 m3, built 1990) was on its way from South Korea to Thailand, and exploded about 26 nautical miles northeast off Kuala Terengganu, reportedly due to a cargo leak.

Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) sent a rescue team to the location of the accident. The fire had already been put out when the rescue team arrived, however, two crewmembers died due to severe burns, according to Mohammad Zainal, operation director of MMEA.

The dead were a Myanmar and a South Korean national, and the two injured crew members were also one Myanmar and one South Korean.

The vessel suffered minimal damage from the explosion and continued its journey to Thailand. [11/12/14]

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