Manila’s truck ban raises export concerns

Manila: The Philippine capital’s ban on trucks which came into effect earlier this month could have a nasty effect on the nation’s exports, according to Lilia de Lima, director-general of the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA).

Lima, speaking at a conference yesterday, said the ban affected around 800 companies employing 200,000 workers.
The ban was signed into law by Mayor Joseph Estrada on Wednesday, February 5. It covers "cargo trucks, gravel and sand trucks, cement mixers and other heavy cargo trucks with 8 wheels and up or whose gross vehicle weights exceed 4,500 kilograms." Affected vehicles would only be allowed to pass through specific routes. The ban was recently modfied to allow for a 5-hour window from 10 am to 3 pm.

De Lima said exporters should look at Batangas port to the south, but the problem there was a lack of shipping line calls. Shippers must talk to shipping lines to get them to call more often at Batangas, argued de Lima.  [27/02/14]

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