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MIIT releases new guidance on offshore equipment

Beijing: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) this week has announced a 2012 guideline for scientific research on offshore facilities.

Beijing is going to provide guidance which aims to strengthen development of four major areas including offshore exploration, exploitation, transportation, and storage, under which semi-submersible production platform, LNG-FPSO, offshore drilling platform, pipe systems will be considered as priorities.

“It will have a positive impact on the company’s development, now we are also making new development strategies according to the new policies,” said an official from Jiangsu Sainty Marine.

“We have started development of offshore equipment this year; we are trying to widen our business structure to lessen our losses in the shipbuilding business, we plans to work with some oil companies to build offshore platforms, but this depends on the specific implementation and support level of the policy,” said an official from Guangzhou Shipbuilding International. [17/08/12]

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