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Nadiro: Lifeboat solutions

Svendborg: Shockingly the name lifeboat may well be a misnomer. According to this article from Maersk a few years back  lifeboats have cost more lives during training drills than they saved during actual rescue situations. The hook release system, which attaches the boats to the wire and winch that lowers them into the water, has been the cause of about 80% of these accidents.
A new SOLAS legislation that takes effect from July 1 this year will regulate that all vessels drydocking must change their launch, recovery, retrieval system (LRRS ). By the end of 2019, all systems must have been replaced. Solutions are at hand however.
In 2008, the senior general manager at Maersk Drilling, Bent Nielsen, presented the idea of a new and safer way to launch lifeboats to the Maersk Innovation Board.
Nielsen’s idea laid the foundation of Nadiro, which was established in Denmark in 2009 with the two main shareholders being A.P. Moller-Maersk and SH Group.
Nadiro’s systems include the Boat-In-A-Box davit systems and the unique Drop-In-Ball hook systems for lifeboats and rescue boats.
Drop-In-Ball is, according to Nadiro ceo Frank Hansen, a “game changer”, which he claims is simple, reliable and the most safe system in the market.
Nadiro is producing, selling, installing and servicing these On-Load, Release, Retrival Systems (OLRRS) for lifeboats.
“It is an easy click in/click out that leaves no options for an unplanned release of the hook/lifeboat as seen in the past in other systems with the more traditional hook releases,” explains Hansen.
“The system will bring back confidence to seafarers while having muster drills at sea, or in worst case, perfectly function in case of a real-time emergency,” he maintains.
The SOLAS changes mean there are some 30,000 lifeboat systems that will need changing and Nadiro intends to capture a large portion of these retrofits.
Eagle-eyed readers may recognise Hansen from an interview we conducted last year. He used to head up CT Offshore, a Danish wind installation firm. Before that he was with MAN Diesel for a number of years. [02/04/14]

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