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PetroChina’s Shenzhen LNG terminal in doubt

Guangzhou: PetroChina, one of the largest energy giants in China, is facing obstacles on its planned Shenzhen LNG terminal project. Local environmentalists believe the project will severely damage the ocean environment in the region.

PetroChina has been planning the project which will be located in the Dapeng Bay area, for more than three years, and it plans to invest RMB7bn on the project.

According to an online poll organized by Shenzhen local media, more than 80% of the participants opposed the project.

A power plant project originally planned for the Dapeng Bay area earlier, fell through eventually due to resistance from local environmentalists.

A hearing will be held on April 17 on the project, members from Cross-border Environment Concern Association will be attending the hearing.

Local populations voicing concerns over environmental impacts from big new infrastructure developments have increasingly managed to get projects nixed across China in recent years.  [16/04/14]

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