Shipmanagers are poor at communicating with owners: Maritime CEO poll

Singapore: There’s two weeks to go till the close of voting on our sister title Maritime CEO’s shipmanagement poll held in association with Singapore’s Masterbulk. Results of the vote will be in the upcoming issue of Maritime CEO magazine, which will be distributed at SMM in Hamburg in September.
In early voting – there have been more than 300 respondents so far – there’s been plenty of interesting views and opinions. When quizzed on where third party managers are failing today, most respondents said communication with owners was the biggest weak point.
Commenting on this point, Nicholas Fisher, ceo of Masterbulk, said: “Whether it’s something that was forgotten to be included in the budget or a little bit of offhire that wasn’t mentioned, shipmanagers, in the eyes of some of the principals they represent, may sometimes be economical with the whole story.
"Communication and transparency are key… In all  cases the owner should be told and involved at the outset, rather than an attempt made to bury the problem elsewhere."
The vote takes no more than two minutes to complete, although we appreciate comments as well. Readers can leave comments and opinions to each question posed.

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