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World Ocean Council: Leadership and collaboration key to saving the seas

Honolulu: “The key to a sustainable ocean – and sustainable ocean business – is leadership and collaboration by a group of companies who realize that the health of the ocean, their company and the ocean business community are inter-connected,” argues Paul Holthus, the founding ceo and president of the World Ocean Council (WOC), in today’s Maritime CEO interview.

The WOC aims to bring as many users of the world’s oceans together as possible to seek ways to preserve the seas.

With the growing use of the ocean by an increasing variety of commercial interests there are increasingly complex risks related to environmental impacts, conflicts in the use of marine space and resources, development of policies and regulations that did not have sufficient industry input, Holthus says.

“Many of the ocean sustainabitiy issues are cross-cutting in nature and the best efforts by a single company or whole industry sector will not be able to address these challenges and opportunities,” the American national adds.


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