World’s largest floating wind farm completed

The installation of the world’s largest floating offshore wind farm, the 48MW Kincardine Offshore Wind, located 15 km off the southeast coast of Aberdeenshire, has been completed.

The wind farm is expected to generate up to 218GWh per year, which is equivalent to the electricity requirements of 55,000 Scottish households.

The Kincardine floating offshore wind farm has been developed by a subsidiary of Pilot Offshore Renewables (POR), while Cobra Wind, a subsidiary of ACS Group, is responsible for the engineering design, supply, construction, and commissioning activities.

ABS class services also verified that the wind farm met full compliance with its Guide for Building and Classing Floating Offshore Wind Turbines, which covers all phases of the project including design, fabrication, transport and service inspections.

Andrew Cox

During the 1990s, Dr Andrew Cox was the editor of UK Coal Review and was a regular writer and commentator on the international coal trade and related infrastructure developments. Post-2000, he has been a freelance writer, CPD trainer and project consultant. He focuses on developments in the energy, chemicals, shipping and port sectors.


  1. What’s not to like about green energy! I get annoyed with those who think that we should not go that way!
    Having a recent discussion on this topic I pointed out that if the wind farm has to be decommissioned within a few years it would be gone without any trace however a nuclear power station would still be in the process of decommissioning fifty years later!!
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Without a trace? Just because you bury the non recyclable parts of each windmill and they are out of site out of mind does not mean there is no trace. Green energy is just an alternative energy, it’s no better or worse, it’s just made out to be better. Do you know what is involved in making all these newer batteries that is going to power the electric cars that are supposed to be so great? Look that up, you will be mortified

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