Everfuel and Norsk Hydro to build hydrogen supply chain

Denmark’s Everfuel has teamed up with aluminium producer Norsk Hydro’s renewable hydrogen company on hydrogen supply for industrial and mobility use.

The two companies will seek to establish a framework for hydrogen electrolysers based on renewable energy in Europe.

The partnership aims to develop projects adjacent to Hydro-owned aluminum plants with dedicated special purpose companies facilitating the construction and operation of each electrolyser. These will either be fully owned by Hydro, or majority owned by Everfuel.

Initially, the companies have agreed to focus on three sites in Norway and in mainland Europe, to be announced Q2 2021. Everfuel will be the majority owner of two of the three initial sites.

Everfuel is currently developing a hydrogen distribution center solution for high capacity hydrogen trailers. As part of the cooperation with Hydro, Everfuel will install and operate hydrogen distribution centers at the electrolyser sites adjacent to Hydro-owned aluminum plants.

Adis Ajdin

Adis is an experienced news reporter with a background in finance, media and education. He has written across the spectrum of offshore energy and ocean industries for many years and is a member of International Federation of Journalists. Previously he had written for Navingo media group titles including Offshore Energy, Subsea World News and Marine Energy.
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