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Flow Water Technologies: New BWTS with fuel saving bonus

A coffin with go faster stripes. It’s not the usual marketing spin Maritime CEO tends to be bombarded with when in touch with ballast water management system manufacturers. But Mark Hadfield, like his new invention, is refreshingly different.

This month Hadfield’s Flow Water Technologies launched a new offset carbon neutral ballast water management system called FlowSafe, which can be installed at sea and runs at close to zero costs. The filterless solution is offset carbon neutral as it requires no additional generators.

Hadfield admits his product is coming to an already crowded market, but his team had to think outside the box – or casket, as he explains later – to come up with something to fit a specific part of the industry, namely ships with framo pumps or pump rooms where there is very tight space.

“We went for the highest hanging market of the tree, where the market has not gone,” Hadfield says.

Hadfield, a Brit now based in Cyprus, uses a quote from a peer in explaining why his invention is a worthwhile investment.

“Buying a ballast water system is like buying a coffin – it’s dead money,” he concedes, quickly adding: “My system also incorporates a fuel saving system so mine is a coffin with a go faster stripe.”

Hadfield, whose career has been in transport R&D, admits FlowSafe is not cost effective for boxships, and is unlikely to be so for bulkers. On a tanker, however, he claims to be anywhere from $200,000 to $800,000 cheaper than his competitors based on factual quotations.

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