Hazardous cargoes barred from Tianjin Port

Hazardous cargoes barred from Tianjin Port

Tianjin Transportation Commission has issued a notice ordering Tianjin Port to suspend all container import and export operations for hazardous cargo, under the central government’s call to run a full investigation on hazardous cargo operations, following the huge chemical explosion at the port last week.

According to an official from a local chemical trading company, currently the authority has banned the unloading of hazardous cargo from ships at Tianjin Port, and they have to adjust the import port to Shanghai Port or Dalian Port, which will bring lots of losses for the company.

Currently tankers are still not allowed to call at the port.

Tianjin local environment protection authority said there are still lots of chemical residue in the surrounding areas of the blast site, and a special team is currently working on disposing the chemicals.

Now the senior officials of Ruihai Logistics have been detained by the police for investigations.

An unnamed official from a shipping company in Dalian told Splash that investigations on the safety operation of hazardous cargo have been started all over China after the explosion in Tianjin. He said most domestic ports have poor safety management, and the Tianjin disaster has triggered a series of rectification work nationwide.

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