Maritime CEO Forum – Shipping losing war for talent

Shipping is losing the talent war for the next generation of seafarers, and has failed to properly show the opportunities the industry has on offer for a career path, delegates attending today’s Maritime CEO Forum in Singapore.

“There seems to be a disconnect as to how the shipowners and how the industry is responding to the needs of the latest generation,” argued Marlon Rono, chairman of crewing giant Magsaysay Maritime Corporation.

This problem has been exacerbated, according to Michael Elwert, CEO of Elktrans Group, by the general public’s lack of awareness and misperceptions about shipping.

“On a global scale public awareness is very low making it hard to attract the right people” Elwert said, adding that shipping was losing what he described as “the war for talent” to other industries.

A full report on this session will follow later.


  1. Be micromanaged by an accountant safe in his office somewhere, treated like something that comes out of the back end of a dog, trying to comply with a rising tide of bureaucratic BS which is designed to cover someones ass(but not the seafarers!) and being treated like a criminal when it all goes pear shaped. Oh yeah, and going to sea in a dangerous rust bucket, signed off by a class society chasing the owners buck! BUT, we’re working on giving you internet access. Sounds irresistible.

  2. This is certainly not ‘new’ news and something that the industry has been struggling with for a long time. Peter Williams certainly puts an interesting spin on it!

  3. Talent? We don’t want no stinkin’ talent!

    What would superannuated old lags like me do, surrounded by genuine young talent?

  4. Sure Andy Im experiencing that, made redundent and cant find work, the young talent that I have trained now hold the positions that I had, mm puts a new spin on the way I look at cadets, I do feel I been handed my hat on the maritime industry at 59 the future looks bleak for an older and experienced Deck officer/Master like myself.

  5. Peter Williams!You my friend have spoken the words of truth.That is exactly the situation right now and anyone who is young and smart or talented enough will tolerate for long-or at all.I would like to add undermanned “automated” rustbuckets with unlimited working hours and diminished harbour time.Ships have become more like labour prisons and young guys are no fools

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