SIPG starts to release cargo from detained Nan Tsing containers

SIPG starts to release cargo from detained Nan Tsing containers

Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG) has started to release cargo in more than 1,300 Nan Tsing Container Line containers detained at its Yidong Container Terminal.

However, shippers are requested to pay RMB2000-3000 ($314-471) per container to release the cargo, with most shippers satisfied with SIPG’s decision and making the payment. “I think it is a fair and affordable price, after all the port is also suffering risks,” said one cargo owner.

SIPG said Nan Tsing Container Lines, which suspended operations last week, owe the port about RMB14m ($2.2m) in total and its management cannot get reached. SIPG said the company has reported the situation to the police department.

Meanwhile, shippers are still having difficulties getting access to cargo in some other ports around China. Taicang Port, which has detained around 140 containers, had asked shippers to pay RMB15k-20k ($2.3k-3.1k) per container to release the cargo. After negotiations with shippers, the port has lowered the price to RMB5,000 ($785) per container, but shippers are still not satisfied.

A number of Nan Tsing ships have been detained at Quanzhou Port at the request of the vessel owners, and they are asking for RMB6,000-8,000 ($942-1,256) per container. Some shippers have paid in order to get time-sensitive cargo.

Despite efforts from all concerned, the management of Nan Tsing remains unreachable.

Jason Jiang

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