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Tidetech: Green technology here to stay


Hobart: Green tech is something that will remain at the forefront of shipping, whatever the economic conditions, claims the managing director of a leading oceanographic IT firm. 

Hobart-based Penny Haire, managing director of Tidetech, told Maritime CEO, that while she thought the “current climate of uncertainty” for shipping would “continue for the foreseeable future”, she stressed that: “Even in the event of a recovery, increasing bunker prices and environmental regulation will require the industry to pursue efficiency aggressively.”

Tidetech applies the science of oceanography to create data products designed to improve efficiency for a range of maritime applications. The data products are used primarily by vessels to optimise routing, optimise speed, reduce bunkerage, meet environmental obligations and save time and money.

She said her clients were continually asking about fuel and efficiency savings in the current tough operating environment. “It seems to be the only conversation at the moment,” she said. 

Haire, however, is a firm believer in the old adage that opportunity exists in adversity. “Owners and operators who can remodel their operations to take advantage of the growing availability of green shipping technology will come out ahead,” she maintained. 

Tidetech is expanding its supply of oceanographic and meteorological data to include high-resolution ocean currents, tidal models, sea surface temperatures and wave forecasts to various shipping sectors including cruiseships, container vessels, tankers and ferries.

Tidetech can now offer raw data feeds for direct integration into ship-wide optimisation systems or data packages that can be downloaded via broadband into onboard navigation systems including ECDIS. 

Tidetech delivers products globally, although priority areas for development are those of high traffic volumes combined with more extreme tidal activity. The English Channel, the Malacca Straits and the South China Sea are such examples.  [04/02/13]

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