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BIMCO president stresses the need to remain focused on green priorities

Twelve months into her two-year tenure as the first woman president of BIMCO, the world’s largest international shipping association, Şadan Kaptanoğlu is having to restress her green priorities, something that risks being sideswiped by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the latest episode of the Maritime CEO Tech Leader Series, sponsored by Dualog, Kaptanoğlu explains why it is so important shipping does not lose focus of its 2050 greenhouse gas commitments.

“If we do not follow this green path we will create very domestic, regional, different regulations and that will be a catastrophe for shipping, so we will not lose our focus,” she said.

“Shipping is on the track of decarbonisation,” the Turkish shipowner maintained. “We have a target to meet and we are working on it. Yes, we are going through unprecedented terrible times but this will not change this… Because we have a 2050 target for greenhouse gas emissions and this needs to be fulfilled.”

On propulsion choices facing owners in the coming years Kaptanoğlu was not sure one size/ship type fitted all.

“There won’t be one solution,” she said. “There will be different propulsion solutions for different types of vessels and different types of trades. To put one forward now would only be for some of the vessels or some of the trades so I will not put any one in front.”

Stay tuned next week for the next episode of the Dualog-sponsored Maritime CEO Tech Leader Series where the discussion centres around how training has changed in the last couple of months – and how it will change in the years ahead.

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