CANSI resolves to maintain focus


Dalian: Although the whole industry is trying to enter new sectors to expand their business scope such as drilling platform, LNG ship, FPSO etc. China will not give up the three major ship types, Zhang Guangqin, president of CANSI said at Shiptec Dalian yesterday.

“As the great advantage of China, bulker, oil tanker and the container ship will still be the pillar of China, we will guard them and support them,” Zhang said. “Actually, the three ship types are also the high-value added products, what we need to do is optimize them, make them to be more efficient with high technologies. China has grasped big shares of these markets, so we will not ignore them but focus on some new emerging sectors,” Zhang added.

The association is researching and working together with the industry players to improve the quality of the three major ship types in China and help them to maintain the position at the shipbuilding industry,” Zhang said.  [24/10/12]


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