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Casey the Container: Children’s book launches

March 15 sees the launch of a children’s book that follows a new container during its first day in port. Casey the Container, penned by American Kristina Bowden, follows the teal coloured steel box as she meets new friends, experiences the workings of the waterfront, and learns the important role containers play in our world.

In sharing Casey’s journey, readers of all ages learn how containerised cargo makes its way to the United States and into local stores for purchase.

As Casey learns the operational ways of the waterfront, she experiences the importance of teamwork, helping others when they are lost, and discovers how much she loves being part of part of this “family that moves cargo every day”.

A Southern California native, author Bowden always saw the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles on the horizon.

“I distinctly remember my third-grade field trip to the Port of Long Beach. We came back to class and recreated gantry cranes from toothpaste boxes,” she says.

In 2003, Bowden graduated from the California Maritime Academy and began her career on the same waterfront she visited as a child. She spent the next 11 years working for one of the nation’s largest stevedores.

Nowadays, when not penning her first book, Bowden is the president and owner of West Coast Resource Services, a consulting firm specialising in occupational safety for marine terminals and stevedores.

The rhyming book has taken a couple of years to complete.

“Everywhere I travelled I carried a pen and paper with me. I would rhyme in my head when driving or brushing my teeth, and when I worked out words that made sense, I jotted them down. I have pages of these scribbles, but I kept all of them because they can help with future stories,” Bowden tells Maritime CEO.

Further books are very much in the pipeline.

“Casey’s journey will continue as she travels the world. There’s potential for Casey to travel via rail and I would like for her to explore ports in other areas of the world. I’ve even had an idea for a holiday story. Casey might help deliver Christmas trees,” Bowden says.

Pre-ordering of the book is currently available through Amazon via this link.


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