China Nav and Swire Pacific Offshore join World Ocean Council


Hong Kong: China Navigation Co (CNCO) and Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (SPO) have announced on Wednesday that they have joined the World Ocean Council (WOC), the international business leadership alliance on Corporate Ocean Responsibility.
 "Much of world trade depends on maritime transport to and from Asia.  The shipping industry has a significant role in ensuring its operations are safe and sustainable whilst not adversely affecting ocean health.  Both CNCO and SPO take this responsibility very seriously, and indeed both are targeting having zero negative environmental impact, but we also recognize the enhanced gain to be had by many other companies and industries in the whole shipping process working together on these issues," said Simon Bennett, General Manager for Sustainable Development for both companies.
 "We thus encourage other leading shipping companies – and leadership companies from other maritime related industries – especially in Asia, to join in the multi-sectoral leadership and international collaboration that the WOC is creating to address sustainable ocean stewardship." [30/08/12]

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