Coast Guard reports of multiple accidents in typhoon’s wake

Manila: In the wake of what may well be the worst ever storm to hit land the Philippine Coast Guard has been inundated with maritime accident news. As of today, a total of 13 maritime incidents have been reported with likely plenty more still to come as rescuers comb through the affected islands where images of countless grounded vessels have been shown to the world.

Among the worst maritime incidents reported thus far has been the plight of the cargo ship Andrea Princess. The coast guard reported today that two have died, five are missing while 15 others survived the listing of a cargo vessel in Eastern Samar at the height of of the typhoon.

Andrea Princess was reportedly taking shelter in Ando Island, Borongan, Eastern Samar when it was battered by rough seas caused by the typhoon, thereby causing it to list, drift and eventually run aground in the area.  [12/11/13]




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