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CPC Corp to take LNG from US

Taipei: Taiwan's state-owned energy company CPC Corp will start taking LNG from the United States from 2018.
CPC said it has signed a 20-year contract with Paris-based GDF Suez to take delivery of about 800,000 tons of LNG per year from the French company's Cameron LNG partnership project in Louisiana.

According to CPC, it will be the first time it takes delivery of LNG from the United States.

CPC said the agreement is part of its efforts to diversify its LNG sources and secure LNG imports.
Currently, CPC supplies about 13 million tons of LNG a year, almost all of it imported from Indonesia, Malaysia, Qatar, Papua New Guinea and Australia.

CPC also said it is preparing to acquire new transportation and storage facilities, including three storage tanks in Taichung.  [03/04/14]

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