Giga gears up

Kuala Lumpur: Automotive shipping and logistics provider Giga Maritime Group (GMG) has announced plans to invest in new IT infrastructure, the expansion and replacement of fleets, assets and vehicles as well as developing new car terminals.

Datuk Kumar Prabakaran, the managing director of GMG companies Giga Shipping and Nexus Mega Carriers, said these investments are vital in order for the group to meet growth demands following the National Automotive Policy (NAP) announcement earlier this year. Malaysia aims to increase its total production of 1.25m vehicles and boost annual exports to 250,000 units by the year 2020.

"The automotive shipping and logistics sector is a growing and competitive market for us. These investments are absolutely vital for us to optimise the management of the supply chain and hone our value-added services for our customers. Giga Maritime Group provides end-to-end solutions, including land transportation, ocean going vessels, freight forwarding services, car terminal services, from the factory floor to the dealership door," said Datuk Kumar.

As part of the group's expansion plans, GFG Logistics will launch the MV Grand Vision, a Roll-on Roll-off Pure Car Truck Carrier (RoRo PCTC) vessel with a capacity of 5,040 car equivalent units (ceu). The vessel will operate in the Malaysian domestic route as well as intra-Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. With the arrival of the MV Grand Vision in mid-September, GMG will see a 30% growth in capacity when compared to 2013.

In a bid to meet the demand for car sales in East Malaysia, GMG has acquired land in East Malaysia – 14 acres in Kota Kinabalu, operated by Kota Kinabalu Car Terminal and 10 acres in Kuching, operated by Kuching Car Terminal, for storage and maintenance, import, export and transhipment of vehicles.  [04/09/14]

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