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Hempel: Top 10 goal

Lyngby: Today we are in Denmark catching up with one of the best-known names in marine coatings, Hempel.
The firm launched Hempaguard last year, a fouling defence product that, according to Pierre-Yves Jullien, group president and ceo, reduces vessel fuel bills and associated COâ‚‚ emissions by 6% compared to traditional antifouling products. The unique fouling defence system has been available on the market for just over seven months, and it has already been applied to more than 80 vessels – two full vessel applications per week on average.
“The combination of low-friction silicone-hydrogel and controlled biocide release of Hempaguard effectively prevents fouling over a longer period,” Jullien says.
Under Jullien, the aim within the marine segment of the business is to increase market share this year.
The company is into year four of a five-year strategy to become a top 10 coatings supplier worldwide.
“Our growth strategy requires investment in our support functions, from production to sales and training,” says Jullien. Production capacity is being increased in a number of countries, including new factory projects in Russia, Saudi Arabia and India. [06/05/14]

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