Greater China

Mainland coastal owners not keen on South China ECA

Hong Kong: Attempts by Hong Kong to push through a regional emissions control area (ECA) for shipping across the Pearl river delta are meeting plenty of opposition from mainland owners. According to a report from law firm Wang Jing & Co, owners of mainland coastal vessels may be reluctant to accept the fuel cost increase which would be brought up by establishing the ECA.

Moreover, the law firm said that CHIMBUSCO, a joint venture owned by PetroChina and Cosco, and the nation’s top bunker supplier, needed more time to switch to low-sulphur supply.

Hong Kong’s government has been pushing for a regional ECA for a couple of years. It is mandating a switch to low sulphur fuels for all ships calling Hong Kong, and wants other ports in Guangdong province to follow suit.  [27/05/14]

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