Middle East

North Korean tanker will be shelled if it tries to leave Sidra port

Cairo: A tanker, which has attempted to load oil in the rebel-held Sidra port, risks being turned into “scrap” by Libyan armed forces if it tries to leave the port.

Al-Habib al-Amin, the country's culture minister and a top aide to Libya's prime minister, told reporters in a televised news conference yesterday that government forces including navy vessels were deployed to al-Sidra port to stop the tanker.
"It's final and decisive. Any attempt (by the tanker) to move, it will be turned into scrap," al-Amin said.

"In case it doesn't surrender, the tanker will be shelled completely," a militia group loyal to the interim government vowed. Some 22 fishing vessels mounted with mortar and rocket launchers are surrounding the tanker.  [10/03/14]



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