Offshore not the cure for all yards

Shanghai: Many Chinese shipbuilders are trying to expand their business into the new emerging offshore sector at present, however, it may not be the best way out of the crisis according to one yard.

“Although offshore products have been our major product for a certain period, it is not the best choice at present,” an official from the operations department of Nantong Mingde Heavy Industry told SinoShip News. “Currently, our major marketing products are still the stainless chemical tankers and automobile roro vessels, which are easier to get real orders. The offshore sector is a hot topic, but most clients stay at the inquiry stage and do not pick up the pen to sign the contract,” the official added.

The comments echo the thoughts of Zhang Guangqin, president of the country’s shipbuilding association, who warned recently that yards should not chase offshore business blindly.  [23/11/12]

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