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Oil flows from two Libyan ports

Cairo: Despite there being no end in sight to the four-year civil war raging across the nation, there has been some oil exports out of Libya in recent days.

Reuters reports that a tanker shipped 1m barrels from the eastern port of Hariga yesterday with another tanker due to call there before the end of the week. The port had been out of action following a pipeline attack last month.

Most ports in Libya have shut down, but Reuters also carries news that a facility in the west of the country has been in operation of later.

Oil and condensate has been exported at least three times from Mellitah port this month. The port, close to the Tunisian border, is jointly run by Italy’s ENI and the Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC).

Any hope that the civil war, which has seen oil exports cut to a trickle, might end soon were dashed week when rival factions failed to turn up for United Nations-led summit aimed at ending the conflict.

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