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Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla: 300 pages of maritime disruption

Arguably shipping’s most high profile futurist, Kate Adamson, has a new book out, a 300-page tome that will, as is her way, likely ruffle a few feathers in boardrooms the world over.

Adamson, a regular on the international shipping conference circuit and the founder of Futurenautics, has penned Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla, bringing together some of the best of her articles, covering everything from autonomous ships, cyber security and artificial intelligence, to the image of shipping, and the challenges and opportunities the industry faces as it seeks to reshape itself with the fourth industrial revolution upon us.

Anyone who has attended an event where Adamson is on stage will have a fair idea of the contents contained within her book – the words feisty and punchy spring readily to mind. While on the surface the topic material might appear as dry as tinder Adamson’s wit and clever turn of phrase make for an engaging read.

“This book is for anyone who is looking to understand the shipping and maritime context for the intense digital disruption we’re seeing across every industry,” she tells Maritime CEO, adding: “If you’ve heard the buzzwords but don’t see the relevance this book should help to clarify what’s important, and what’s not.”

Late last year Adamson predicted presciently on this site that 2017 would see the players who will shape the future of maritime emerge and the first five months have indeed seen tech developments on a scale hitherto never seen before in shipping.

Adamson believes that the message that digitilisation will change the nature of shipping forever is now widely accepted among the notoriously conservative shipping community.

“There are those in the maritime media,” she says, “who have spent so long dismissing digital as irrelevant buzz that they’re now finding it hard to accept it’s of critical importance. But don’t mistake the ignorance of commentators as a reflection of industry leaders as a whole.”

Up next writing-wise for the so-called blue futurist is a non-fiction book titled All Tuna Now about how business itself and its leaders will change in the future as we cope with leadership beyond control.

To buy a copy of Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla head on over to this Amazon link.


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