South Korean LPG tanker leaks gas at Dongying Port

South Korean LPG tanker leaks gas at Dongying Port

The 1998-built South Korean LPG tanker No.5 SJ Gas leaked gas at China’s Dongying Port on Saturday.

According to local reports, the gas leaked out after the ship failed to shut down the valve for one of the cargo tanks. The 4,000 dwt vessel was carrying around 1,850 tons of LPG onboard.

Local maritime safety administration started contingency plans immediately after receiving a notice from the master of the ship and towed the vessel away from the busy port area to a nearby anchorage.

In the meantime, the authorities have implemented traffic control around the ship.

Preliminary inspection showed the gas concentration around the tanker is below explosive level and all 15 crew remained onboard to assist with repair operations.

Latest AIS information shows the ship, managed by South Korean company SJ Tanker, is still anchored near the port this morning.

Jason Jiang

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