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Splash Extra identifies the key levers in shipping’s perpetual supply/demand tussle

The August edition of Splash Extra launches today with a central theme looking at what metrics shipowners find the most reliable to make informed business decisions on fleet expansion.

The lead story of the new subscription title looks at how the current fleet to orderbook ratio is at its lowest level this century and reflects on just how pertinent this data is to today’s owners with the thoughts of Martin Stopford, Esben Poulsson, Peter Sand, Paul Over and Joakim Hannisdahl among many others.

Inside Splash Extra looks at the recent culling of shipping analysts at many investment banks and questions whether shipowners will actually miss these so-called experts.

The August feature takes a look at the alarming rise of GPS spoofing and jamming, with one cyber expert telling Splash Extra: “What used to be a fictional James Bond plot in 1997’s Tomorrow Never Dies movie is now a reality.” The feature includes useful tips for ship operators to avoid this especially malicious type of hacking.

Splash Extra is an exclusive subscription title, coming out on the final Wednesday of every month, priced for as little as $100 a year. For more information, click here.

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