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Swivel Software: All-encompassing view of cargo movement

Swivel Software, a Hong Kong-based e-solution provider to the logistics industry, has geared up to take on the tidal wave of digital opportunities transforming the movement of goods worldwide.

According to Matt Motsick, CEO of Swivel Software, the company, previously named Paradigm Corporation, provides solutions to increase visibility and transparency between supply chain partners, enabling freight forwarders to become more efficient in international shipment planning and execution, and these products also simplify the booking and tracking process, advance e-commerce fulfilment capabilities, and provide logistics personnel, division managers and corporate directors with business intelligence tools to make key decisions in a timely manner.

Motsick reckons one of the best features that Swivel has is its ability to be flexible, as the team are quick to understand the customer and work with them on their requests for enhancements.

“The feedback to the suite of solutions is the reason why Swivel is expanding globally,” says Motsick. “As customers in Asia roll out the system in other parts of the world, Swivel Software continues to receive good feedback in countries like South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States. Adding an office in the United States will help provide support for customers in North and South America,” he continues.

In Motsick’s opionion, the shipping industry is one of the last industries to adopt new technology as the margins of both freight forwarders and ocean carriers inhibit their ability to invest in long-term technology solutions.

However, he says there has been a “tidal wave” of interest in new software in the last 12 months. Customers are demanding online solutions such as Swivel Software to make it easier to do business.

Swivel Software has recently rolled out a new product, SWIVEL 360, which Motsick says serves as a “logistics control tower” for C-level executives.

With SWIVEL 360, any party can search the status of a shipment based on SKU or item code, purchase order, bill of lading, container, or customer. The collaboration portal also allows simple tasks as searching airline and sailing schedules, communication with factories overseas and booking freight to logistics partners/carriers giving an all-encompassing view of the cargo movement.

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