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The maritime tech lessons from Covid

“In Norway there is saying that there is no one in such a hurry as a dead fish so you need to be in the market very shortly.” One of many wry quips brought by Morten Lind-Olsen, the CEO of Norwegian digital platform Dualog in the concluding episode of the Maritime CEO Tech Leader Series powered by Ocean Technologies Group.

Lind-Olsen was interviewed to sum up the key takeaways from what he has heard in the mini-series to date and his viewpoints did not disappoint as he took stock of how Covid-19 has changed shipping’s digital path. 

“There is one problem and if I look at our customers there is a 50:50 approach to whether we want to save costs or improve business and really those two should go hand in hand,” Lind-Olsen said, going on to question shipping’s current willingness to invest in digitalisation. 

Turning to the long term, the Norwegian tech entrepreneur said there was a silent revolution going on where shipping is part of a chain.

“Whether the shipowners are going to be the bosses in the future is unclear to me. So it might as well be DHL or Amazon running the show,” Lind-Olsen said.  

Stay tuned tomorrow as a special Day of the Seafarer Maritime CEO episode will be broadcast. 

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