Three tips to maintain an efficient international shipping strategy

Toby Edwards, CEO of Agility’s Shipa Freight online platform, has some useful advice for readers.

Gone are the days when you could only sell products to those in your immediate vicinity. In 2019, consumers are purchasing goods from every corner of the globe, and it is up to the producers to ensure that they can satisfy their customers with reliable international delivery.

If you are struggling with shipping your products around the world, read on to learn three tips for maintaining an efficient international shipping strategy.

1. Continually consider your profit margins

At the end of the day, if your strategy doesn’t fall in line with your current budget and profit margins, then you are not going to be able to maintain it for much longer.

There is no denying that international shipping is a significant expense for most online sellers, which means that having a thorough shipping plan in place is crucial to prevent your business from losing money due to international shipping related costs.

Your detailed outline for a global shipping strategy must include your shipping rates, your product weights and your preferred packaging. These are three essential details that will play a massive role in your margins.

Every few months, recalculate your costs and take another look at your international shipping strategy to ensure that it still makes sense from a holistic financial standpoint.

2. Make the most of an online shipping platform

Regardless of whether you are running a small, one-person business or a major conglomerate, the ability to maintain an efficient international shipping strategy has been made a lot easier thanks to the introduction of online shipping platforms.

The main reason to use a top online shipment platform is because it makes the shipping process as smooth and cost-effective for you as possible. By choosing to book freight online, you are opting for the most straightforward manner for organizing your cargo at every stage of the journey — from obtaining a quote to scheduling your shipment, paying for the service and following its status.

For anyone who wants to expand their global growth in the next year, working with an online shipping platform is critical as it will help you advance past any barriers that you are currently facing in shipping and compliance.

3. Recognize ways to reduce international freight costs

Even if you currently have an efficient international shipping strategy that works smoothly and is easy to maintain, you still want to be making sure that you are routinely investigating ways to reduce the costs of international freight.

For example, if you have consistent international shipping needs and you have been working with the same shipping company for a while, you may be able to benefit from being a loyal and reliable customer. Speak with them about any potential savings they can offer for your steady contracts.

On the other hand, if you are finding yourself with erratic needs for international shipping, you may want to search for a consolidation program in your location that can manage your smaller shipments. A little bit of research will help you locate any existing freight consolidation programs that serve your area and group together different companies that are shipping in the same direction.

Additionally, many companies would be surprised to learn how much they could save by reducing the packaging that comes along with their goods. Obviously, you want to ensure that your products are going to be secure while making their way across the world, but a lot of firms tend to go overboard when it comes to how much packaging and dunnage they are including in their shipments.

Speaking of your packing strategy, make sure that you are packing your items in sturdy yet lightweight materials that are strong enough to reduce the possibility of damage. Additionally, if your things will be shipped over water, your choice of packaging must be watertight.


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