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Totem Plus: Baltic Ace collision could have been avoided


Tel Aviv: The collision last December between the Corvus J and the Baltic Ace, which resulted in 11 fatalities, could have been avoided with technology on the market.
Captain Azriel Rahav, ceo of Israeli firm Totem Plus, told Maritime CEO that Colregs Adviser, launched last year by his company, could have saved the two ships from disaster. The unique ECDIS module advises the officer of the watch on the best course or speed change required to avoid a collision.
“We believe that the Colregs Adviser could have prevented the tragedy two months ago,” Rahav said. 
The Baltic Ace sank in the North Sea on December 5 after a collision with the boxship Corvus J, some 45 km off the Dutch coast south of Rotterdam in one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. 
Totem Plus, which has been developing ship automation and marine computerised applications since 1994, is also marketing another new tool, its Bridge Alarm Monitoring System (BAMS) where all bridge alarms can be handled from one location.
“Shipowners are looking for reliable and durable solutions to their increasing needs,” Rahav said, adding: “They want systems that will be easy to maintain and be friendly enough for the crew to handle.”  [12/02/13]
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