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World leaders discuss deploying naval coalition to the Black Sea to help ship Ukrainian grain

World leaders are discussing sending warships to the Black Sea to ship Ukrainian grain overseas, a move previously dismissed by NATO commanders.

With the war between Russia and Ukraine extending into its fourth month food prices have been leaping as the world seeks alternate supplies of grain with Ukrainian ports shut.

Estonian president Alar Karis said in an interview with Bloomberg that negotiations are ongoing to create what the Lithuanian foreign minister, Gabrielius Landsbergis, told the Guardian newspaper would be a naval coalition “of the willing”. The UK is likely to form part of the coalition according to The Times newspaper. Any maritime corridor out of Ukraine will also have to contend with the many mines that have been placed in the Black Sea since the war began. In related news, Russia said yesterday it had completed demining the waters off the port of Mariupol, a city the Russians have recently conquered after a bitter battle.

Last month NATO denied requests made by shipmanager V.Group for naval escorts for commercial vessels passing through the Black Sea. The area has become highly dangerous with at least 15 ships struck by military devices in the opening three months of the war.

Grain is one of Ukraine’s main industries, with exports totalling $12.2bn in 2021 and accounting for nearly a fifth of the country’s exports.

Prior to the war, Ukraine exported 98% of its cereals and oilseed via the Black Sea, at a rate of up to 6m tonnes per month. While efforts have been made to shift exports via the Romanian port of Constanta, grain stocks have been building up in Ukraine with the United Nations suggesting there were around 25m tonnes of grain waiting for export as of early May.

Russia has been repeatedly accused of stealing Ukrainian grain and loading it onto Russian ships to try and sell overseas.

Sam Chambers

Starting out with the Informa Group in 2000 in Hong Kong, Sam Chambers became editor of Maritime Asia magazine as well as East Asia Editor for the world’s oldest newspaper, Lloyd’s List. In 2005 he pursued a freelance career and wrote for a variety of titles including taking on the role of Asia Editor at Seatrade magazine and China correspondent for Supply Chain Asia. His work has also appeared in The Economist, The New York Times, The Sunday Times and The International Herald Tribune.


  1. Nato is not going to turn Black Sea area of war , Turks should never allow this neither Romania or Bulgaria . This is going crazy it got to stop now

      1. If there’s a all out war in the Black Sea many countries will suffer.

    1. What is crazy is Russia holding the poorest people in the world hostage, stopping grain exports, trying to blackmail the world into reducing sanctions. This is the right move, we have to show Russia that blackmail isn’t going to work. Let’s get the Ukrainian food to the hungry.
      Time to call Putin’s bluff.

      1. The way we called his bluff in Ukraine right? It was people like you that caused the war to enrage, diplomacy would have fixed things, but instead insisted on calling Putin’s bluff, now you want to drag many nations into a warzone, to call Putin’s bluff, that’s how wars escalate, one mistake and the world is at flames, thank God leaders of powerful nuclear nations like USA are not as dumb as you, sailing into world war 3. See you at boot camp.

    2. Turks should never allow this?
      I think your in a mental institute and you are not allowed to be on the internet. I will call your handler to tell them you are misusing the local computer or your ward. You know what should never be allowed? Unprovoked invasions, genocise, war crimes, stealing and thereby damaging economy. Just wait until you cant make your lunch anymore because the recourses are for 67% stolen by Russia. You are cheesy and salty so thats what you always can eat. Slava Ukraine! F*^k putin and Russia.

  2. Russia has to be stopped NOW not next week or next month NOW.
    Western navies should create a safe passage for ALL non Putin ships to trade as normal.
    Putin must be put back in his box NOW

    1. What do you mean Stooped know? Who Stooped the Invasión by Britain, Ukrainian USA, Canada, Spain, Italy, and other countries to Steal the Oil and destroy Libya, Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and other countries?

  3. Nobody can make Putin do anything. Only a bullet in his head would solve the problem.

    1. Go find out about geo polical fist caz you seem to know nothing bout what you talking. It’s American who put sanction for Russian, all Russian try to do is to protect there border

  4. All NATO leaders and Russian leaders should sit together to come to a conscious decision to deceased the “Special Aggression” for humanterian point of view.

    1. Another proputinist… It is way beyond “talking” to Russia. When Russia “talk” usually they assault same exact time when talk.

    2. NATO strangled Ukraine back then when rejected in membership.
      Now they should do it right. And behave as Ukraine is the NATO member now. Not in future. Treat the aggressor as an aggressor. Criminal with blood on his hands is nothing more but criminal with blood on his hands.

    3. Russia as a country ceased to exist long ago.

      It is Russia Criminal State now, global racketeer.

      Saying “Russian Leaders” is misleading. The right address is “Russian Criminal State Mafioso”.


  6. Russia needs to take Odessa so they can use the port, to many corrupt war lords in Ukraine selling western arms to Isis and private terrorist .
    Please Russia End this war like the Americans did in Japan but not stepping foot in Japan

  7. Tough talking NATO not gonna do Shyte to Russia. NATO met its match, f*uck with Russia and see what happens next. NATO only have strength for weak countries that do not have the capability to fight back. Let’s see how big bad and tough NATO is.

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