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A word search for dry bulk operators

Mr Prospector has used his time in lockdown to come up with some fun puzzles for the dry bulk community to solve.

Been a while, huh? My beard now doubles as a towel, hair further out of control, knees and backside of jogging bottoms now sagging like used balloons. The haircut du jour seems to be Russian gulag chic. It also turns out that the most common bond I had with my friends is alcohol. Take that away and it does appear that we have little to say, almost no interest in each other and very little in common.

I speak to my 108-year old mother twice a week now. When she confirms that she is “doing OK”, then we sort of run out of stuff to say.

Roll on the reopening of the Airdrie Working Man’s Club, where apparently Big Jock has repainted the main bar ‘Battleship Grey’ to reflect its shipping heritage.

Anyway, just in case you are bored I have cobbled together a word search for operators. You can use it one of two ways. First is to do the word search. Second is to incorporate the words I’ve chosen into your business plan and possibly into any investor pitch that you have planned. If you use these words in the order I’ve listed them and fill in the blanks with some general wordage and a graph of the TC averages you will actually have a reasonable chance for investment I’d have thought. Enjoy!


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