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China’s place in the world maritime economy post-coronavirus under the microscope

Award-winning author and economist Paul French joins the Maritime CEO Leader Series powered by Ocean Technologies Group today.

French, who has been Maritime CEO’s China economy and book review writer since the magazine launched seven years ago, is a widely published analyst and commentator on China.

In today’s video, French looks at how the China economy is getting back to work as the coronavirus recedes. He also assesses how realistic it will be for countries to bring manufacturing nearer to home and away from China in the coming years in a discussion which has been supported by some great statistics from Clarksons Research showing China’s dominance in the world maritime economy.

Stay tuned for the next episode of the series where we sit down with many of the world’s top shipmanagers.


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  1. Good stuff. I liked the distinction between Japan’s position (driven by politics) and the positions of the USA, UK and France. Paul was too polite to say this, but “driven by gesture politics and fantasy economics” does come to mind. Whenever I hear the words “strategic investment”, I expect the word “losses” to follow later.

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