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Insurance Marine News: Industry focus

Insurance Marine News has been launched to offer concise, timely updates on a niche sector.

Managing editor and co-founder Peter Birks has been reporting on the insurance industry for more than 20 years, first on newsletters with Evandale Publishing and, subsequent to that company’s purchase by Informa, as editor of a range of insurance-related titles.

“We believe the time was right to launch a free content micro news portal that is focused on just one sector of the insurance industry,” Birks tells Maritime CEO today.

In terms of what makes Insurance Marine News different to existing titles, Birks says his new venture is not a “time sink”.

“If we take up more than 10 minutes of your morning, we have failed in our job,” he says, adding: “If we can’t tell you what’s happened that matters in that time, we have also failed at our job. By just focusing on marine insurance alone we cut out all the additional noise that those working in this niche sector don’t need.”

Birks reckons shipping executives want clean tight copy that gets straight to the point, states the facts, states why it is important, and ensures the reader will not be caught out when someone says that morning: “Did you hear about ….?”.

“In a world where readers increasingly view news on mobile devices and are pressed for time, we wanted to bring the market brief daily summary of events in marine insurance on a platform that works for them,” he says.

On the marine insurance market in 2016, Birks says: “The days of easy money are over. Every penny of profit needs to be earned through knowledgeable and technically sound underwriting.”


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